Any information, rules, and regulations related to the university, visa processing offices, and consulates can change from time to time. Grad-Dreams employees keep themselves up-to-date with the latest updates related to the university, programs, and visa rules and regulations. However, students must check for the latest updates and changes in any rules or regulations by the university, visa processing offices, and consulates themselves on the respective official websites.

Grad-Dreams is not responsible for any kind of illegal, immoral actions or behavior by its enrolled students while they live in their destination country. Grad-Dreams do not take responsibility for any wrongdoing in India or any other country by a student previously enrolled with Grad-Dreams.

We edit only 1 SOP per package. Editing includes grammar corrections and sentence structuring. Editing is limited to 2 revisions only. We do not add anything to your documents, but we improve your documents wherever there is a scope for improvement. To maintain the originality of the documents, we don’t fully reconstruct your LOR/ Essay/ SOP/ LOI/ Research Proposal. You are expected to modify the general SOP as per the SOP requirements stated by the shortlisted universities you are applying to. We will provide any verbal guidance required while modifying the university-specific SOPs to students. Our document experts will only review (not edit) the multiple university-specific SOPs you modify. If you apply to different courses, we will edit one general SOP pertaining to one of the courses; all other SOP drafts including drafts for all other courses will only be reviewed with necessary feedback. Necessary feedback will be given to students if required. After submitting your final draft, it might take up to 10 days to finalize your documents (SOP/ LOR). We almost always deliver an attractive and professional SOP in a single attempt. However, if you think the final document requires changes, we can consider one more round of edits.

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